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This book draws together research on professional learning communities in schools and teacher education in diverse contexts in south africa. I am very thankful to have been introduced to and become a member of such a wonderful website and learning community. Professional learning communities at work plan book. The elements of a professional learning community professional learning communities will change how you and your staff view learning. Shirley hord, scholar laureate, talks about the learning communities standard. The art of learning together is an essential guide to professional learning and development that works. Successful professional learning also includes collaborative activities where educators. Victoria jacqueline, a case study of teachers in professional learning communities in a campus preschool 2015. Professional learning communities plc are not a new idea. The small groups of teachers, versus one large faculty meeting, are used to focus in on student achievement, as well as the teacher behaviors that bring about changes. Learning communities my professional learning network. A professional learning community creates a schoolwide system of interventions that provides all students with additional time and support when they experience difficulty in their learning. Read reviving professional learning communities strength through diversity, conflict, teamwork, and structure by perry p.

Professor john hattie a professional learning community plc in schools involves collaboration, sharing and. Barriers boosters strategies learning communities teacher principal 1. Books about professional learning communities sedl. Professional learning communities, or plcs, have become crucial in designing schoolwide strategies dedicated to helping students achieve their potential. Graham and ferriter have answered that question, very specifically, in this powerful book. Richard dufour, edd, in a distinguished career spanning four decades, was a publicschool educator, serving as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. See the book s table of contents and read excerpts. The last section of the book focuses upon three of the most challenging dilemmas that face developing professional learning communities. A professional learning community, or plc, is an organizational structure by design that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. In page 6educational literature, professional learning community has come to mean a school environment where teachers work collaboratively in purposefully. Professional learning communities for teacherled professionalism the introduction of teacher professional learning communities plcs in singapore schools, according to the vision articulated by former minister of education, mr ng eng hen 2009, was to help hone a worldclass education service by strengthening teacher expertise. Reviving professional learning communities ebook by perry. To overcome those barriers, encourage teachers to form a book club or a discussion group about a teaching topic, suggests joseph aguerrebere.

People use this term to describe every imaginable combination of individuals with an interest in educationa gradelevel teaching team, a school committee, a high school department, an entire school district, a state department of education, a national professional organization, and so on. The idea of improving schools by developing professional learning communities is currently in vogue. Teaching academic content and literacy to english learners in elementary and middle school rel 2015105. Creates and maintains a learning community to support teacher and student learning. Reflect upon a grade level or department collaboration meeting youve been part of recently. The phrase professional learning community began to be used in the 1990s after peter senges book the fifth discipline 1990 had popularized the idea of learning organizations. It offers educators specific, practical recommendations for transforming their schools into plcs so their students learn at higher levels and their profession becomes more.

Learning community members are accountable to one another to achieve the shared goals of the school and school system and work in transparent, authentic settings that support their improvement. Revisiting professional learning communities at work book. This simple shiftfrom a focus on teaching to a focus on learninghas profound implications for schools. Professional learning communities plcs provide educators the opportunity and. Professional learning communities still work if done. Join a community to connect with other educators on a wide range of innovative topics from preksecondary education. As teachers, a strategy we often use is placing our students into groups to collaborate to solve a problem or answer a question. Professional learning communities facilitators guide for the what works clearinghouse practice guide. Department of education, institute of education sciences, national center for education evaluation and. The art of learning together professional learning communities provide a structured environment to break out of your classroom walls and. Once you begin the journey, you will never go back. How professional learning communities respond when kids dont learn examines the question, what happens when, despite our best efforts in the classroom, a student does not learn.

In his book, what great college teachers do, author ken bain found that the best teachers are part of a larger learning environment. Professional learning action plan learning communities. A professional learning community plc is more than a group of individuals meeting together to read a common book or discuss a relevant issue. The schools curriculum, instructional design, and assessment practices are monitored through the plc design to ensure. When members of your school collaborate in an intentional and consistent manner to support student learning. A professional learning community is undeniably one of the most effective processes out there for improving student achi. Hord and ed tobia drawing from a wealth of research and experience, this book shows educators how to use the transformative power of professional learning in community to raise the professional stature of educators. Nzpf conference 3 july 2008 dr cheryl doig powerful professional learning communities 3. Effective professional learning communities questions. Educators can and should take comprehensive knowledge and experience related to developmentally responsive middle level schools and teachers on the journey toward the professional learning community, embracing beliefs and using these arguments to make. Five collaborative professional learning activities naesp. The handbook of leadership and professional learning. A handbook for professional learning communities at work second edition by richard dufour, rebecca dufour, robert eaker, thomas many 2010 the second edition of learning by doing. Revisiting professional learning communities at work.

A professional learning community plc involves much more than a staff meeting or group of teachers getting together to discuss a book theyve read. Using information technology in education to manage a. For example, in the professional learning community at work model outlined by solution tree which with we are both connected, the. Who is part of your professional learning community. What does the idea of effective professional learning communities mean to you. Administration works with faculty to create clear goals and has a low. Plcs look different depending on the group, school, or district that is working together. Online professional development through virtual learning. This chapter examines professional learning communities what they are, what needs to be considered in thinking about their impact and what is involved in.

Written with both teachers and administrators in mind, strengthening and enriching your professional learning community. Drawing on research, each chapter offers a deeper understanding of topics such as distributed leadership, dialogue, organisational memory, trust, selfassessment and inquiry, and purpose linked to learning. Instead, a plc represents the institutionalization of a focus on continuous improvement in staff performance as well as student learning. Free resources for professional learning communities. Building professional learning communities sage books. Books about professional learning communities reclaiming our teaching profession 2011 by shirley m.

How to create a professional learning community edutopia. Hord and ed tobia drawing from a wealth of research and experience, this book shows educators how to use the transformative power of professional learning in. Professional learning communities one of the most underused resources available to educators is the community of colleagues with whom they work, geoffrey caine and renate n. Drawing from a wealth of research and experience, this book shows educators how to use the transformative power of professional learning in community to. A handbook for professional learning communities at work is a significant rewrite from the first edition of 2006. Whether you are creating a formal group in your school, looking for a community to join, or are a new teacher and dont know what to expect, there are a couple things to consider when joining in professional learning. The book that launched a school improvement movement offers researchbased recommendations drawn from the best practices found in schools nationwide for.

I encourage you, read this book and answer the call to action. Such goals as we will adopt the junior great books program or we will. The professional learning community model flows from the assumption that the core mission of formal education is not simply to ensure that students are taught but to ensure that they learn. These five strategiesbook studies, looking at student work, learning walks. This book provides a handson guide to school leaders who wish to enact such. This plan book combines 40 weekly planning pages and space for eight class periods with ideas and activities to help teachers and their collaborative teams work together to address crucial, teacherspecific plc concepts. Louise stoll is past president of the international congress for school effectiveness and improvement and visiting professor at the london centre for leadership in learning, institute of education, university of london and university of bath. It is a wonderful contribution to the literature on professional learning. The resources included in this toolkit are intended to help you meet the challenges presented by todays educational landscape through effective professional learning and development opportunities. Over the course of his career, he was the author of numerous books, including the bestselling professional learning communities at work, learning by doing, and in praise of american educators. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. The results of the sedl study revealed a new model of school culture and organization that actively supported educational change and improvement. Reclaiming our teaching profession 2011 by shirley m.

The most extensive, practical, and authoritative plc resource to date, it. It has contributed greatly to my professional learning network as i am able to view and download resources by posted by top teachers as well as follow them. Caine write in strengthening and enriching your professional learning community. A case study of teachers in professional learning communities in a campus preschool. Free reproducibles professional learning communities. The power of virtual professional learning book chapter. She was a codirector of the effective professional learning communities eplc project. Professional learning communities and collaborative structures like these. Online professional development through virtual learning communities. Jessie the research is replete with cries for principals to become instructional leaders in their buildings. The professional learning community model has now reached a critical juncture. The schools working conditions paralleled my earlier experience with a learning organization. This paper considers professional learning communities plc and the role.

Learning by doing has been our guidebook on the journey and helped us to understand and move from knowing to doing and finally being a professional learning community. The main objectives in building professional learning communities are to improve teachers professionalism and wellbeing, and create positive impacts on student learning. In the current literature, there is extensive discussion of the learning community as an effective model for foster. The book study provided a structure to implement the concepts of the professional learning community in a smaller group setting in order to infiltrate the larger community. Professional learning communities plc and how to use them. Professional learning communities and communities of. Information and communication technology book series ifipaict, volume 348. Stevenson high school in lincolnshire, illinois, stevenson was one of only three schools in the nation. Problem solving in a professional learning community plc 2. Early childhood learning solutions early learning book chats ela today emerging tech for schools and libraries. A prolific author and consultant, he was recognized as one of the leading authorities on helping school practitioners implement the professional learning communities at work process in their schools and districts. Professional learning communities still work if done right. The art of learning together professional learning communities provide a structured environment to break out of your classroom.

The professional learning community model proposed by richard dufour offers a what and why explanation for schools to become learning communities. Leading professional learning communities sage books. Called the most powerful professional development and. What does it enable you to accomplish professionally. It is an illumination of an exciting path to a constantly improving instructional community. Best practices for professional learning communities. This 10th anniversary sequel to the authors bestselling book, professional learning communities at worktm. His powerful model explains what a professional learning community is and why you need it. Building a professional learning community at work. It brings together what a longtime practitioner can see and sense. My current school plc is conducting a book study about. Professional learning communities plc and how to use.

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