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On june 14, 25, ibn battuta set out from his homeland of morocco to make his hajj, or traditional islamic pilgrimage, to mecca. His journeys lasted for a period of almost thirty years, covering nearly the whole of the known islamic world and beyond. Click download or read online button to get ibn battuta book now. For a while, ibn battuta even though about spending the rest of his life in the service of this old holy man. Ibn battuta is known as one of the greatest explorers of all time. He was greatly impressed by the chinese people and the amount of wealth in that country. Ibn battuta in 25, the young lawyer ibn battuta set out from his home in morocco on a pilgrimage to mecca. He journeyed farther than his near contemporary marco polo, though muslim scholar ibn battuta 4c. Ibn battutas description is a unique document of the high culture, pride, and independence of black african states in the fourteenth century. Ibn battutas journey to egypt adgeco group holding.

Ibn battuta the famous th century muslim traveler from morocco. After completing the book, ibn battuta continued his role as judge in a small moroccan town. But the next day he was back on the road to isfahan. He is considered one of the greatest travelers of all time, and is well known for the account of his travels and excursions. He also explored west africa, southern and eastern europe, south asia, central asia, southeast asia and china. A muslim traveler of the fourteenth century dunn, ross e. In isfahan also known as the orchard city, i could see that agriculture and economy of this country was still suffering from the devastating effects of the mongol invasion. Its close to the strait of gibraltar where africa and europe almost meet. This book is one of the most important documents about black africa written by a noneuropean medieval historian.

Together with the many committees, the board organizes a great deal of activities for all members to join. Ibn battutas rihla part 1 moroccan explorer ibn battuta is known for his extensive travels throughout the middle east, africa and asia. Ibn battutas learner profiles we think that ibn battuta was a risk taker because he travelled to lots of places by sea and land. But battuta s story is just as fascinating, as this 1829 translation of his diaries, by british orientalist rev. Ibn battuta visits kilwa as illustration of ibn battutas visit to kilwa some old pictures of kilwa.

He is known for the extent of his travels over 30 years, setting the record for distance journeyed by an individual. We also think that he was an inquirer because he visited so many places he would probably be interested in learning more things. The qutb complex of buildings in delhi near ibn battutas home included the quwwat alislam mosque and the qutb minar, a 288 foot tower that until modern times was the tallest minaret in the world. Abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta, mais conhecido simplesmente como ibn battuta entre 4 e 77 d. The sheikh ibn batuta, the author of these travels, left his native city, tanjiers, for the purpose of. Here are some observations that ibn battuta made in. Ibn battuta duisenberg building, zernike campus nettelbosje 2 room 5414. Read download the travels of ibn battuta pdf pdf download. We stayed one night in the island mombassa, and then pursued our journey to kulwa, which is a large town on the coast. After his studying, ibn battuta decided to make his first pilgrimage to makkah for hajj. The trip was the start of almost 30 years of travel for ibn battuta.

Powtoon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch. Full text of the rehla of ibn battuta internet archive. The great traveler ibn battuta, who was born in 4 at tangier where present day morocco sits along the north african coast. Ibn battuta has 47 books on goodreads with 8625 ratings. Traveling to mecca was an adventurous experience and many people didn. The animated series the adventures of ibn battuta is a 2010 malaysian part historical animated series which was aired in tv2. In 56, the ruler of morocco asked a young scholar named ibn juzayy to write down ibn battutas explorations. Noteworthy to mention is that, most likely, the geographers from medieval islam were a kind of missing.

Zijn naam luidde abdullah mohammed ibn abdullah ibn mohammed ibn ibrahim allawati ibn battuta. On completing his first hajj he continued travelling, only returning to morocco twenty four years later in 49. Ibn battutas most popular book is the travels of ibn battutah. Ibn battuta simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. He asked ibn battuta to take shiploads of goods to the yuan emperor. The ruler of morocco wanted a record of ibn battutas travels and insisted that he tell the stories of his journeys to a scholar. Books by ibn battuta author of the travels of ibn battutah.

He was a muslim scholar who travelled all across the middle east, africa and south asia. D in the town of tangier, morocco, little is known about the early life of ibn battuta. Much like the household in which he was born, he studied law at a young age and became a muslim lawyer who invested the 2nd quarter of the fourteenth century crisscrossing the eastern hemisphere and writing a substantially long account of what he had seen and did with the help. International festival of ibn battuta get to know more about ibn battutas inspiring travel stories at the second edition of international festival of ibn battuta organized by the moroccan association of ibn battuta. Movenpick ibn battuta gate hotel dubai tripadvisor. In 50, battuta visited alandalus and then between 5253 he. He was born to a scholarly family, and he began his travels primarily for religious p. This port city on the coast of the atlantic ocean lies 45 miles west of the mediterranean sea. Hij werd geboren in een familie van oelama islamitische. Every year, a different board leads ibn battuta, by coordinating the association, all its bodies, and events. He traveled to mecca on his first hajj to complete the service that all muslims should do if they are able to. Footballsoccer all souls anglican church, sydney dominion nutrition religion. He first ventured out when he was only twentyone and journeyed the entire eastern hemisphere until he was over fifty years of age. Ibn battuta was set to sail from calcutta with a large ship holding the goods for the chinese emperor.

The purpose of his sojourn in bengal, as related by the traveller himself, was to pay a visit to a muslim saint of renown, shaykh jalaluddin hazrat shahjalal mujarradiyemeni, who had taken up his abode in the mountainous region of kamrupa. Travelling itself is of course not unique in the islamic world, not even during the time of ibn battuta, as the wellknown pilgrimage to mecca known as the hajj was. Click download or read online button to thetravelsof ibnbattuta book pdf for free now. Abu abd allah muhammad ibn batutah, known as ibn battuta or sometimes battuta, was born to a berber family of islamic legal scholars in tangier, morocco. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Ibn battuta crater ibn battuta is a small lunar impact crater on the mare fecunditatis, a lunar mare in the eastern part of the moons near side. Ibnbattuta ibn battuta was born in a rich family of scholars in tangier, morocco. Abu abdullah ibn battuta was born in 4 in a household of muslims in tangier, morocco during the marinid dynasty. The travels of ibn batuta 2554 translated by reverend samuel lee, 1829 chapter i north africa in the name of the compassionate and merciful god praise be ascribed to god the lord of worlds.

Abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta, better known simply as ibn battuta 4circa 77 ad was a berber muslim scholar and traveler, who was born in tangier, morocco. Although marco polos adventures are better known in the west, never did polo travel as far or see as many different countries as this indefatigable berber did. Read and learn for free about the following article. Under the arches of the great mosque of kilwa ibn battuta and the sultan prayed.

Prices are calculated as of 16032020 based on a checkin date of 29032020. Amazing adventures of ibn battuta and ibn battuta in the valley of doom and the travels of ibn battuta and others, by durke, astrolabe pictures muslim heroes series. This is a list of places visited by ibn battuta in the years 2553 the moroccan traveller ibn battuta set out from his native town of tangiers on a pilgrimage to mecca in june 25, when he was 21 years old. This book is all about his travels and adventures that he acquired throughout his lifetime. The scholar wrote the accounts down and they became a famous travel book known as the rihla, which means journey. Thetravelsof ibnbattuta download thetravelsof ibnbattuta ebook pdf or read online books in pdf, epub, and mobi format. Makkah was about 3000 miles away and the journey would take more then a year.

These books, except for the first, do not follow closely the real travels of ibn battuta, but go off into fantasy adventures. Of course ibn battuta asked for more money to take care of the tomb, not to mention money to repair his own home. Ibn battuta was one of the bestknown muslim travelers of his time. On his last day in calcutta, ibn battuta attended friday prayers in the city. The event which celebrates the legacy of ibn battuta will take place at the city of tangier in morocco on november 912, 2017. He left his home at the age of 21 to perform hajj and continued his travel for 30 years. Battutas travels eventually took him through africa, southwest asia, and all the way to china, about 75,000 miles, and lasted three decades. His travel account, written after his return home to tangier in 55, offers historians insight into social, political, economic and cultural context of the 14th century. The full title of the book of his journeys is tuhfat alanzar fi gharaaib alamsar wa ajaaib alasfar. He travelled for nearly 30 years and covered most of the islamic world. The account of the travels of the muslim legal scholar ibn battuta in the first. Although ibn battuta full name being abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta alias shams ad din was born centuries before tennessee williams made this remark, it seems his life was guided by the same principle. Full text of the rehla of ibn battuta see other formats.

Ibn battuta essay sample free college essay examples. Ibn battuta was born in tangier, part of modernday morocco, in 4. They extended from north africa, west africa, southern europe and. Abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta was a moroccan muslim scholar and traveler. Ibn battuta 478 moroccan traveller who visited bengal in 46 ad. Ibn battuta was born on february 25, 4 in tangier, morocco. He was known for his traveling and undertaking excursions called the rihla.

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