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Before rigging your boat, read and familiarize yourself with the rigging manual. A smaller version of the olympic 470 class, the 420 was formerly a youth development class i. Rigging handbook 5th edition paperback january 1, 2016 by jerry klinke author 4. This manual is a guide and basic reference for personnel whose duties require the use of rigging. You can also register your product to gain access to samsungs worldclass customer support. Unpacking and preparation unpack the major parts listed below and lay them out on a soft piece of ground free of sharp objects. Here are a few tips from those who make 470 sails and boats to help you achieve the best performance from them.

Please read the manual before rigging and sailing your laser bahia. The author makes no claim that the described components or rigging method will. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Respirator fit check personal protective equipment july 23, 2019. The book covers the latest truss systems, rigging e. Check out our support resources for your 470 series hospitality tv hg50nd470sf to find manuals, specs, features, and faqs. And for those of you not in the entertainment business, 90 percent of the information is applicable to other trades that use rigging, such as construction, mining, material handling, logging, longshore work, cranes, and industrial rigging. Replacement running rigging is available from westsail parts company at very. I have tried to be as specific as possible when referring to the various rigging components, as nautical terminology can sometimes be confusing and lack consistency. Sailboat specifications for 470 rigging and sails rig type fractional sloop listed sail area 7sq. Maintenance keep the equipment clean by frequently flushing with fresh water. We concentrate on what it takes to become a safe rigger and.

Rigging guide courtesy of the german national 470 class association 20 oct 2014. Due to production supplies certain parts may be different from those shown in description, colour, and specification. Due to production supplies certain parts may be slightly modified from those shown. With the boat on the grass, step inside clean or remove shoes. Manual counterweight rigging systems operation and maintenance manual p. World sailing rules, regulations, policies and instructions always have precedence over the following provisions.

Sailing rigging guides posted on saturday, march 14, 2009 7. Spyglass sailboat rigging guide and equipment manual by dick moore and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. It is intended for use in training and as a reference manual for field operations. One big change will be the inclusion of the 2020 midwinter championship. March 2012 important safety information the procedures in this manual are for use by qualified personnel only. Uvas rigging guide for studio and location 1st edition.

The ten commandments of good safety habits august 21, 2019. In corrosive atmospheres, stainless parts may show discolorationbrown staining around screw holes and rivets. The rigging manual provides information from highly qualified riggers, who submit their knowledge and experience for you to benefit from. This handbook contains very helpful information on heavy lifting slings as well as recommended rigging practices. How to rig and put up sails for a international class 420 dinghy. The manual is aimed at new international 420 sailors who would appreciate a detailed reference guide. Phrf rating high 123 low 99 average 105 source us sailing more details rig dimensions performance calculations.

The book discusses all aspects of entertainment rigging. This guide will provide you with the basics of tuning a 470. This rigging manual has no borders, we publish rules and regulation from various countries but we do not get involved in how you are governed. Responsive to weight placement, this twoperson onedesign is tactically demanding and requires fluid coordination between the skipper and crew. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could invalidate your warranty. The 2020 triple crown notice of series will be posted soon, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at next year. Winning in the 470 by ullman sails overview the 470 is very sensitive to wind and sea conditions. Medium eased a little so the foot shelf just falls in. Hoisting and rigging safety manual american crane school. This manual has been compiled to help you to gain the maximum enjoyment from your rs quest, in a safe manner.

Permission was given to the hanford site hoisting and rigging committee to use and reproduce portions of standards and information from the following sources. National joint steamfitterpipefitter apprenticeship committee, united states. Saskia clark now sails with hannah mills, as the 470 girls. Honeywell 47012 wired flood detection module alarm grid.

Rigging manual 2014 specification shoreline sailboats. Rigging manual club 420 class performance sailcraft 2000 inc 2555 dollard lasalle, quebec, h8n 3a9 tel. It is based primarily on my own dinghy and its particular fit out. Z420 z420 rigging manual 1 unpacking and preparation 2 assembling the mast 3 stepping the mast 4 rigging the boom 5 vang 6 mainsheet 7 jib 8 mainsail 9 cunningham 10 autobailer and plugs 11 rudder and centerboard 12 maintenance and service examination report 1. Rigging installation manual design, manufacture and installation of theatrical equipment worldwide 315 45440 fax 315 4511766. After a self proclaimed disappointing european leg, they set in motion a training plan both on and off the water which translated to qualifying for the gold fleet at the 2019 worlds including their first world championship race win. Rigging manual vanguard sailboats 200 highpoint avenue portsmouth, ri 02871 for the dealer nearest you call 800. It contains details of the craft, the equipment supplied or fitted, its systems, and information on its safe operation and maintenance.

Performance sailcraft europe reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification. Hazard awareness the little things count june 22, 2018. Optimizing your 470s performance requires considerable adjustments in mast rake and tuning. This manual contains few specific rigging diagrams. This instruction manual is not a guide to sailing your craft and it should not be considered suitable for the task of learning to sail a boat. Specications kibu ii specications description rigging frame for ying kiva kiva ii 2. The c420 board of directors has decided to refine the series by focusing on major class championships.

This manual contains a pictorial anatomy of the international 420 dinghy, and explains how the boat can be rigged. With no chocks chock in the mast gate, pull the rig tension tens on. The early boats had a plywood shelf the tank sat on, and it can be removed to get. Sb3 rigging instructions the laser sb3 rigging instructions are a guide to rigging your boat. A great pocket reference guide for all types of slings, sling hardware, and accessory equipment. The load being raised or lowered scenery, curtains, or lights is counterbalanced by an arbor loaded with the correct amount of steel weights, as shown below. There is a single 470pb water probe included with the module, however it does support up to two probes.

The 470 internationale has close partnerships with many sailmakers around the world. Contains over 600 photos and illustrations and more than 70 tables of information. This manual contains a collection of service information, preventative. See all 8 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. The international 470, designed in 1963 by 505 sailor andre cornu, is a highperformance planing dinghy for both men and women. You get the complete rigging system, consisting of the 710page book entertainment rigging, two laminated reference cards, rigright 1. Each product in the kit is handpicked to assist the crane inspector and includes. Endorsed by the worlds foremost authorities, the manual is essential to all rigging operations and is consistent with most national standards. Rigging tools and devices introduction to crane operations with more than 300 illustrations in addition to charts and tables, this manual is ideal for training programs and for reference in the field. Recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive text on rigging in print today. The honeywell 47012 is a 12 volt dc powered water detection module. Mainsheet system schematics ronstan sailboat hardware world. It covers the types of rigging and the application of fiber rope, wire rope, and chains used in various combinations to raise or move heavy loads.

Management committee of the international 470 class association. Feb 19, 20 reveal props may be purposedesigned, integralcomponents or they may be generalpurpose adjustable building props laced together withscaffold tubes and couplers. Although motorized rigging sets have a higher initial cost than manually operated counterweight sets there are offsetting savings. Individual boats will differ slightly in a number of areas, where there is scope for rigging variation within the class rules. Written by arthur gurevitch pewaukee, wisconsin usa 470. The pinout of th pin connector and typical e 15 connections are shown in. Manual rigging manually operated counterweight systems have been used in schools and theatres for over 80 years. International 420 class tuning guide produced by paul eldrid. Rigging safety manual osha safety manual health and. Referred to by many as the best crane and rigging book in north america, this indispensable publication expertly explains the rigging process for classroom. Rigging photos, equipment installations, howto ideas and diagrams are all supplied by members of the association to help you realize the full potential of your catalina 470. Personal fall arrest and fall restraint systems august 20, 2018. Please read this manual carefully and be sure that you understand its. It covers the types of rigging and the application of fiber rope, wire rope, and chains used in.

Readers of mike uvas grip book who are interested in more detailed information on the work of the grip department will welcome his new rigging manual, clearly detailing all the ways to mount cameras and lights both on a set as well as on location. Safety considerations for sandblasting november 3, 2018. Settings may vary on your sailing style, crew weight and your sailing conditions. The actthe act is designed to provide a broad framework, which allows employers, and employeesto be flexible in their approach to achieving the standards set in the legislation. The content of the pnnl hoisting and rigging manual was derived from the hanford site hoisting and rigging manual doerl9236. These buttons enter safe start mode for manual transmission vehicles and activate autostart mode if installed, additional parts required using your system the buttons used in the instructions in this manual correspond to the standard transmitter configuration.

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